Carlton Ware prices

April 27, 2009

It was decided when this site was created to display only collection pieces and not to discuss prices or try to make any wild and potentially false valuations.

Many collectors use ebay, and there you cannot predict; eg: recent activity (3mths) and three cat money boxes, £28 / £55 / £36 therefore the prices are simply luck there are the bidders there interested. Assume min 28 and max 55.

Other sites for Carlton Ware do exist and there will soon be an updated link section for your use.

Please leave any comments or questions. thank-you


Carlton Ware cat money box

April 26, 2009

Here is a cat shaped flat back money box, except not!  These have been seen before, the owl, train, ark and cat all at times (although rare) are seen with alternative design.  It is thought that the money boxes during production, were ready for the transferres and final design, and that production  delays or problems meant they had to be fired thus these unusual and ill fitting designs have been applied.  Very interesting this one does not even have the Carlton Ware back stamp but it does have the correct embossed number.

another example can be seen heredscn0142.JPG

Apple blossom milk jug

April 15, 2009


Owl Money Box

March 13, 2009

Not one of the most attractive colour combinations. I wonder if the red owl ever had a red rear in place of this orange?  We have never seen one to be sure.



January 27, 2009

More pictures and updates will be added soon.

Honey Pot and Peacock money box

August 4, 2007

The money box also exisits as a bright coloured version.


Carlton Ware round salt & pepper cruet 2

May 16, 2007

This is the Elephant.


The elephant also exisits in the off-white colour scheme.

Interesting note:  The finishes are normally matt.  See this next pic of the elephant cruet against the fish cruet dscn0448.jpg

The fish cruet is quite matt and lighter in colour.

Below is a close up of the top of the elephant salt pot.   Showing evidence that the same pepper mould was used. See the dots on the glaze where the extra but smaller holes would have been for the pepper pot.dscn0450.jpg

Carlton Ware round salt & pepper cruet sets

April 30, 2007

These are not marked carlton Ware, but have only ‘made in england’ stamped on the base.

The designs are Cat, Owl, Elephant, Lion, Fish and sunflower.  Colours are a Tan and white although light blue has been seen for the fish but we cannot prove this for sure.

The collection so far for your pleasure:


It’s real and it’s rare

April 12, 2007

This IS Carlton Ware and is Wild Rose, as I guessed an early version. 


Deco design…..

April 11, 2007



and a piggy money box 🙂